Oscar Isaac says ‘Triple Frontier’ gave him a taste for becoming a director

The Star Wars and X-Men star wants to move to the other side of the camera

Star Wars and X-Men actor Oscar Isaac wants to move to to the other side of the camera.

The star’s most recent role as Special Forces soldier Santiago ‘Pope’ Garcia in action film Triple Frontier saw his character plot to steal millions of dollars from a South American crime lord, and Isaac lent more than just his acting skills to the role.

He told The Big Issue: “I talked to (director) JC Chandor about what we could do to complicate the story and I thought one of the things we could do was to call the character Santiago, to make him from the area.”

Closely involved in the making of his character in Triple Frontier, Guatemalan-born Isaac’s role gave him a unique opportunity to speak his native Spanish. Isaac said this made the role far more authentic.


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Isaac said the extra responsibility had whetted his appetite when it came to directing. He said: “I’d like have a bit more say in how the story gets told. I think that’s something I’m definitely moving towards.”

Triple Frontier is one of many new releases to skip the big screen and go straight to Netflix.

Isaac commented on the trend of Netflix exclusive films, saying: “We’re in a transitional moment, which is an exciting place to be in.

“There’s definitely more opportunities to tell different kinds of stories in massive ways because of the different outlets.”

Triple Frontier is available now on Netflix and the latest episode of Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, will be released in December

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