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Street Art: Christie Cassisa’s self-portrait captures the sunset’s light

The Big Issue's Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression


By Christie Cassisa

“I saw the light of a sunset coming in my bathroom window in a way I had never seen before,” says Cassisa of her latest painting, a self-portrait.“I wanted to capture the light in a painting, and could only think to use myself as a model to paint.” Cassisa, a frequent Street Art contributor, recently sold one of her original artworks thanks to The Big Issue. “A lady had seen my painting In Memoriam in the magazine and now has it hanging on her wall,” says Cassisa, who came from an abusive childhood, and as an adult has struggled with depression, alcohol and drug problems, as well as homelessness. “I really enjoy sharing my work with The Big Issue,” she says. “I have met some really interesting people because of it.”


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