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Street Art: ‘With every artwork I produce the pain gets easier’

The Big Issue's Street Art page gives talented, marginalised individuals an outlet for creative expression


By Mary Vallely

“My artwork changes from week to week,” says frequent Street Art contributor Mary, who submits her pieces via London homeless charity the 240 Project. “I am inspired by events happening daily in my life. Like I have just given up smoking and I battle with my mind regularly.

“I enjoy working in different mediums and I find pleasure in colour. I would love to have my own studio and run workshops for homeless and disadvantaged people in London with an ongoing gallery.

“It’s great that The Big Issue gives me opportunity to showcase my work as it helps me develop and makes my self-esteem improve and my depression ease. With every artwork I produce
the pain gets easier.”

Street Art is created  by people who are  marginalised. Contact to see your art here. To see more and buy prints:

At least half the profit goes to the artist.