From Brexit to Trump, Russia to North Korea, natural disasters to climate meltdown, the world has been erratic and unpredictable over the last few years, flummoxing even the savviest political soothsayers and commentators. And the planet looks set to become even wobblier in 2019, throwing up many questions: will Brexit be a success? Can Theresa May expect a year of luck and happiness? Will Mueller bring down Trump? What lies ahead for the economy?

We asked Jessica Adams, stargazer for top titles including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue and author of The Holiday Goddess Guides, to share what the planets have in store in the 12 months ahead, and decided to see if astrology can give us a glimpse of what’s ahead for some of the significant people, businesses and political events on the horizon. And perhaps reassure us that things might not be as bleak as news headlines suggest.

Donald Trump
Born June 14, 1946


You can have the success, wealth and lifestyle of  your dreams in 2019 but you will have to reach for it and bring your daydream down to earth. You also need to realise that who or what you fear so much is imaginary.

Everything is potential and possibility this year, no matter if it’s a person you dislike, or a tempting victory, hit, role, project or position. To avoid confusion, get to know yourself better. Find a way to centre yourself and get back down to earth, so you are grounded. That way you can start to make the dreams real.

Born March 25, 1957


People have your back this year. You have loyal and precious faces behind you. They may be part of a group, team, club, band, society or association. Perhaps this is your social circle or an extended family circle. If you focus on each individual face as a person in his or her own right – not just another name on social media – you will change your destiny for the better. You have a great deal to gain in 2021, 2022 and 2023 if you invest in these people now. Are you aware that one person in particular needs more care and attention than the others?

born February 4, 2004


The time has come to stop running on auto-pilot with paid work, unpaid work, study or housework in 2019. You may be going through the motions of what you have done before, or even falling back into past life memories of being a servant or tradesperson.

The time is right to invent a new way to handle all the projects and tasks. Doing this will set you free. It does not mean that ideas with potential will fall by the wayside. In fact, you can find a new way to make sure they succeed. This will make a difference to your home or property plans.


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The United Kingdom
Born January 16, 1707 when the Act of Union was ratified


Finding the best way to look after relatives, live-in  partners, the household (friends who share your home), distant family members and your extended circle – those from your culture, religion or homeland – is your 2019 challenge.

It is a nice challenge to have. From March 7 there will be new stability and security  in your emotional life. Some solid gold people are there to back you. What you may want to consider is more one-on-one attention. Seeing each person as a separate individual and investing in them is wise.

The Irish Border
Born December 7, 1922 (when NI opted out of Irish Free State*)


If you have not yet made the connection between your wellbeing, energy, health and fitness and your daily workload, you will discover it in 2019. The release and relief that comes when you break free of your heavy burden will be worth it.

Paid work, unpaid work, study or just internet overload demands too much. Your body will thank you when you invent a new way to organise high-potential ideas, plans or projects. It may involve delegating or a new way of juggling. After that, you can get real about plans for a house, apartment or holiday home.

*We understand the complexities of which date this should be. However. we have chosen this one.

Theresa May
Born October 1, 1956


You can give the group what it needs this year, no matter if it is a formal organisation like a club, team, society, charity, union or band – or a circle of friends. Every person has to play his or her part.

You are all stars, even if one person shines more brightly than the rest. Pooling resources is a wonderful way to make sure everybody has access to what they want and need from life. The only issue is management and organisation. What you are involved with is very special, but method and order are needed. Keep it real, Libra.


Born June 23, 2016: referendum day


It’s all about the money in 2019. That’s money saved, made or negotiated. You will need to put a firm price on who or what you value most. That may not even have a price tag, of course. Getting value for money, striking the right bargain or settling up are big concerns in 2019. You may also need to come to terms with what you are owed, or what others are prepared to donate or pay. I mentioned your values before. This is really important. Sure, money could be spent on property or work goals. But – what is every amount worth to you?

Astrologer Jessica Adams is the author of the forthcoming book The Secret Language of the Stars (Penguin/Michael Joseph) and her horoscopes have appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. She was a founding donor of The Big Issue in Australia and lives between Brighton and Melbourne.