Lord Bird: Show Donald Trump the “real” Britain – not another golf course

Whenever Donald Trump finally visits Britain as US President, he should be given an eye-opening tour of "somewhere real," according to Lord John Bird

Donald Trump’s first visit to Britain as US President must not be allowed to turn into a tour of the nation’s finest golf courses, Lord John Bird has warned.

Speaking on the BBC’s flagship Daily Politics show, Big Issue founder Lord Bird said Trump represented some of the worst traits of America’s questionable leaders – and said he’d gladly take the US President on an eye-opening tour of Britain when he finally touches down.

Donald Trump at Pennsylvania rally

“I’d like to get on the plane, grab hold of him and take him some place other than the golf course,” Lord Bird said when asked by host Jo Coburn whether he’d be one of those welcoming President Trump next year. “I’d like to take him to somewhere real.”

President Trump has already accepted the Queen’s invitation for him to travel to the UK, following Prime Minister’s Theresa May visit to Washington in January.

The prospect of a state visit has caused controversy and would undoubtedly attract protests. It’s been reported that Trump changed his mind on plans to visit this year and now Downing Street and the White House are looking at options for 2018.

“This is diplomatic, it has nothing to do with politics,” Lord Bird added. “It has nothing to do with anything but the fact that Theresa May wants to make the most of her premiership. And she needs the old alliance, even though this man is probably the most peculiar person to have ever held that office.

Trump seems to be all the worst things put into one

“America has had some pretty strange and horrible presidents. Andrew Jackson was a scumbag. Reagan wasn’t exactly playing with a full hand. This guy seems to be all the worst things put into one.”