Po-Zu is bringing shoes from a galaxy far, far away to The Big Issue Shop

But the ethical designer’s fashionable licensed footwear is helping improve the shoe industry on earth

The latest addition to The Big Issue Shop is hoping that the Force is with it when it comes to improving the shoe industry across the globe.

Po-Zu was founded in 2006 to offer fashionable footwear with an eye towards the environment. They use natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, pinatex (leather made from pineapple leaf fibres), wool, cork, and natural latex are carefully selected to offer the ultimate in comfort, warmth and durability.

Han Solo Star Wars
Han might have a bad feeling about this in the films – but Po-Zu's innovative tech will have your feet feeling out of this world

But it’s not just your sole on Po-Zu’s minds – they are also thinking of the workers.

Award-winning entrepreneur Sven Segal spent a decade designing shoes for mainstream brands before discovering harmful substances while touring factories he visited in Asia, where 87 per cent of the world’s footwear is made.

Millennium Falcon Po-Zu
Po-Zu's Millennium Falcon shoes *may* help you do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs

The rise of mass production has kick-started the quest for low costs and speed with many workers forced to work long hours braving dangerous working conditions and harmful substances for little pay.

That inspired the Po-Zu founder to create a glueless shoe construction, Edible Shoe Cream and an adaptable Foot-Mattress™, among other sustainable products. Sven’s has put his foot down to halt unethical practices, waste (an average of three pairs per person are sent to landfill each year) and loose standards for workers, leading him to launch the Better Shoes Foundation in 2016.

Porg Star Wars Po-Zu
Po-Zu were clearly big fans of the Porgs from last year's The Last Jedi

Head to the Big Issue Shop for Po-Zu’s original creations – and their latest shoes are out of this world.

Their range of official Star Wars-themed footwear include Han Solo’s signature sneakers as well as Millennium Falcon low-tops and even some featuring Porgs, the adorable bird-like creatures introduced in The Last Jedi.

So come over to the light side to help us dismantle poverty with Po-Zu – any lack of faith is disturbing!

Images: Po-Zu