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All the best dogs at polling stations on election day

Political pups are out in abundance as the UK heads to the polls for the 2021 elections.
Dogs have been lining up at polling stations to exercise their democratic duty. Image: Anna Skipwtih/hellosocialLdn

It’s election day in the UK and that can mean only one thing: dogs at polling stations.

Yes, it’s an important time in the political history of the country we live in. And yes, we all need to exercise our democratic duty to get out and vote, whether for a metropolitan mayor, a local councillor, a police and crime commissioner, a Welsh MS or Scottish MSP.

But no matter your political persuasion, there’s something everyone in the UK can agree on. There are dogs, they are at polling stations, and they are all very good boys and girls.

Here are some of the best we’ve found so far.

Photojournalist Craig Connor snapped the proudest political pup of the day before breakfast at the Fulwell Windmill and Tea Rooms in Sunderland.

Apparently no one told these dogs at a polling station in well-to-do Dulwich about social distancing. No fewer than nine pups lining up on a park bench in shocking breach of coronavirus restrictions.

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson shared a pic of her dog Wilson, which looks to be some kind of springer spaniel. Politically prepared and criminally cute.

Short-legged dogs have become something of a trend. Helen Best-Shaw shared this pic of what looks like a mix between a schnauzer and a corgi looking forlorn and alone. We hope its owner returns soon.

This handsome boy photographed by the BBC’s Rich Preston was so excited to vote he scarfed the whole polling card.

Sadiq Khan roped in his pup Luna to try to rustle up some votes. We see you Sadiq. WE SEE YOU.

And Plaid Cymru jumped on the bandwagon too, asking for followers to share pics of their dogs at polling stations. It takes impressive dexterity to apply a rosette with only paws.

Dr Jen Gupta’s dog is serving double duty, protecting both democracy and a wee baby in a pram. What a fantastically good boy (or girl, we’re not sure).

This poor pup was wearing PPE at a polling station. Can dogs transmit Covid? Is this animal cruelty? Do we care?

One polling station, it seems was having none of it. Spoil sports.