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Say hello spring with exclusives in the Big Issue Shop’s seasonal collection

Grab yourself a fresh find from The Big Issue Shop's spring collection

It’s officially spring at The Big Issue Shop! The clocks have sprung forward and our spring collection has plenty of fresh finds to help you step into the season and bask in the warm glow of shopping with a social echo.

It might be wishful thinking but the minute we spot a break in the clouds and a golden ray peek through, our mind is on a suitably spring wardrobe to encourage Mr. Sunshine to pop out to play.

These hot pink shorts from Colcha Clothing will certainly help you embrace the warmer weather when it finally arrives. Each pair of 100% cotton Shwe Shwe shorts are produced locally in South Africa. Every purchase contributes towards creating sustainable communities around the fabric Colcha use, both directly and through development partners.


If pink is a bit too daring, don’t worry, more muted tones of green and navy blue are available too!

Baby bunnies, ducklings, little tadpoles– there’s nothing that shouts springtime more than the adorable baby creatures that come with the season. From Babies with Love know all too well the power of the baby animal.


Their unisex organic baby grows, blankets and t-shirts boast charming designs on the softest cotton! But of course, that’s not all. 100% of their profit goes to orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

And in keeping with the season, the joy of new life, fresh smells, fresh flowers…fresh products in The Big Issue Shop!

We’re delighted to be stocking ARTHOUSE Unlimited– who nurture the skills and talents of men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties.


This 200gram Paraben free cocoa and shea body butter is organic based and made in the UK using naturally derived plant based ingredients including carrot, sunflower and almond oil.

Get your spring started with The Big Issue spring collection