RORA roundtable unites alliance to prevent homelessness and protect jobs

Members of our Ride Out Recession Alliance convened virtually today to further our efforts to protect people all around the UK from the devastating financial fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Big Issue’s Ride Out Recession Alliance has been growing and gathering momentum in recent weeks, most notably helping in the campaign to extend England’s eviction ban.

Today The Big Issue virtually hosted the first RORA roundtable gathering. Gathering committed experts from across the spectrum, the focus is on how the alliance can develop new means of helping those must urgently at risk of losing everything.

This first RORA event bring together representatives from some of the organisations who have backed the alliance from the beginning, including the Nationwide Building Society, campaign group Generation Rent and homeless charity Shelter, alongside organisations and businesses who share our desire to help, including Experian, Virgin Money and Child Poverty Action Group.

The meeting is the next step in our mission to generate, shape and deliver solutions to homes and affordability.


The Big Issue has inspired the launch of 120 street papers globally, including sister titles in Australia, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Introducing the event, Big Issue founder and crossbench peer Lord John Bird said: “The alliance is about tapping into expertise, skill and knowledge of members. To make sure people are helped and not hindered. It’s to help prevent massive homelessness happening. I’m very, very worried about children falling into homelessness. There is a very big threat coming to so many.

“RORA is about experts who know what they’re talking about, hearing from them and forging a socio-political alliance.”

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