Street Child Cricket World Cup to bowl over England in 2019

The first-ever global tournament for street-connected kids, backed by Sri Lanka legend Kumar Sangakkara, is to take place in London

Children from across the globe will be showing off their skills with a ball and bat when the first-ever Street Child Cricket World Cup comes to London.

Ahead of Joe Root and co taking on the globe in the professional tournament, the junior World Cup will unite mixed teams of street-connected boys and girls from all over the world in May 2019.

Sport has the power to bring nations together – it is truly a force for unity

Teams from eight nations will face-off on the wicket alongside a festival of arts and a congress for their rights. It is hoped that the World Cup will provide a unique platform to raise awareness of the negative way that street-connected children around the world are perceived.

The tournament has been backed by Sri Lanka cricket legend Kumar Sangakkara, he said: “Sport has the power to bring nations together – it is truly a force for unity. That is why I’m supporting the Street Child Cricket World Cup in London 2019, using our shared passion for cricket to enable some of the world’s most disadvantaged and marginalised children to show their talents, make their voices heard and celebrate the potential of every child, no matter their background.”


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In the lead-up to the contest, organisers Street Child United are on lookout for expressions of interest from potential charitable projects and global organisations to help create teams. The deadline for expressions has been set for January 2 2018.

The world’s second-most popular sport, played by over 120 million people and loved by three billion fans worldwide, may be new to the Street Child United treatment, but the organisation will also be holding their third football World Cup in Moscow next summer.

Over 200 street-connected children from 24 nations will make the trip to the Russian capital to take part in the tournament before Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo et al strut their stuff on the world stage.

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