Why Vivienne Westwood collaborated with The Big Issue on a special t-shirt

The iconic designer wants to “explode the narrative” around fast fashion

Vivienne Westwood has teamed-up with The Big Issue to create a special limited edition t-shirt as she takes aim at the environmental impact of fast fashion.

The iconic fashion queen’s remarkable design is available from her World’s End store, retailing at £120, with all proceeds going to The Big Issue.

Westwood t-shirt
Vivienne Westwood's exclusive design just for The Big Issue is available from her store for £120 with all proceeds going to The Big Issue

Westwood is also the cover star of this week’s magazine. In it, she explains the fashion statement that the t-shirt makes.

“It’s simple, use your potential, become who you are,” said Westwood. “It’s a hopeful and empowering message that can help spread the word, start conversations and explode the narrative.”

That empowering message is centred on the environment with Westwood focusing on the perils of our wear-it-once culture.

“The future for the fashion industry should be to produce quality not quantity,” she added. “Let me clarify, the fashion industry is quality, the high street is quantity. The high street, fast fashion and online quick sales are far more polluting than high fashion.

“It’s awful. The most sustainable thing is to reduce, reuse, recycle. But for the fashion industry, it relies on the production process and suppliers reducing their carbon footprint too.”

For more information visit worldsendshop.co.uk – but hurry, there’s only a limited number available!