Hamza Yassin

Issue 1555

Hamza Yassin
  • Fresh from the Strictly live tour, Hamza Yassin went for a walk in the woods with The Big Issue. He reflected on his rocketing rise to fame and how he’d like to use his platform to share the joys of nature. And he located some otter poo for us too.
  • The cost-of-living crisis is hitting everywhere hard but we visit the areas where its highest to meet the people being left behind
  • DJ Edith Bowman tracks her journey from fleeing the nest in Fife to TV and radio stardom in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • The play that lays bare the outrageous arrogance and callousness that came out during the Grenfell Inquiry
  • Blacklisted Hollywood in the 1950s when the McCarthyites came knocking, Lee Grant fought back to be the only person to win an Oscar for acting and for directing a documentary. She tells us she wasn’t scared then, but she is now
  • Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector at Ofsted writes about the criminal failings of education in the prison system
  • And there’s a moving piece from our vendor Phil who encourages other former servicemen to get a hand up from The Big Issue

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