After Paris by Robert McLiam Wilson

Issue 1136

After Paris by Robert McLiam Wilson

In this issue…Having lived in the middle of Paris for many years, and worked for the French press, our colleague the author Robert McLiam Wilson is well placed to write about the Charlie Hebdo massacre and about Paris’ response. It doesn’t mean he’s comfortable doing it. This is a raw, angry and moving piece that urges rage against the injustice of the murders – and thoughts for the lives snuffed out. “They killed the funny people because they were funny,” he writes. A must read.

Our Letter to My Younger Self is with Uri Geller. In a remarkable interview that brings together John Lennon, Golda Meir and an incredible early life, he also talks about the Jordanian soldier he shot and killed at point blank range while fighting during the Six Day War. “I have reoccurring nightmares about it but I do believe I will meet that solider one day because I’m a great believer in the afterlife. And I’ll hug him and I’ll say I’m sorry,” says Uri.

Changing gears, Vicky Carroll investigates the Fairy Investigation Society, a recently reconstituted group hunting for fairies. Who are they (the people, not the fairies) and what does the resurgent belief in little people say about where society finds itself?

John Bird wonders just what was so wrong with Baroness Jenkin saying the poor don’t know how to cook – and suggests that teaching vital skills to everybody would do no harm.

Conveniently Pause this week comes from Monir Mohammed, chef at Glasgow’s celebrated Mother India restaurant. He explains how anybody can easily start making simple, delicious Indian food. There is an exclusive recipe online too.

Brendan O’Neill, meanwhile, wonders why there is no youth rebellion anymore. It’s Ed Sheeran’s fault, he explains.

Our featured vendor this week is Bob LacLeod, who sells outside Waterstones in Brighton. Booze nearly killed him, but he’s getting enough together to get a place of his own. “If it wasn’t for The Big Issue, I’d be dead by now,” he says.

There is much else besides – including Adam Forrest on whether it’s time to look at rent caps, Football Focus host Dan Walker with his revealing Peccadillo (he’s VERY into Star Wars), 5 Swedish Classics to Read Before you Die, and some great news from Big Issue Invest about a multi-million capital investment they are getting to help address housing problems in London. And, of course, there is always Spot The Ball…

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