Paul Weller and Johnny Harris

Issue 1618

Paul Weller and Johnny Harris

Music icon Paul Weller and actor/director Johnny Harris have teamed up to shine a light on homelessness, and speaking exclusively with Big Issue, offer up some harsh words for our political elite.

Also inside

  • Alan Rickman’s advice for his godson Tom Burke helped the Strike and Furiosa star figure out what really matters
  • Our Blueprint for Change calls on the next government to pledge to end poverty
  • Photographer Asmaa Waguih’s images tell the story of the ‘forgotten war’ in Yemen
  • How the complex history of Cyprus can help point to a hopeful future
  • Queen Charlotte’s India Amarteifio is using her fame to get rid of the stigma around benefits.
  • And Sheffield vendor Mohammed shares his love for cooking, a passion that started when his mum taught him how to make chickpeas and rice

Plus much more!

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