ISSUE 1308

The heartbreaking, life-affirming story of the Street Kids’ Football World Cup

12 boys’ and 12 girls’ teams came together from across the world, from Belarus to Uzbekistan, to take part in the Street Kids’ Football World Cup in Moscow– a festival of football bringing together homeless and socially excluded children to celebrate the remarkable power of football.

Also this week…

  • Raynor Winn told The Big Issue last year how she dealt with homelessness and her partner’s terminal illness. Now, living alongside the route that led to her redemption and having published bestselling book The Salt Path she says the reality of rural poverty still passes her door every day.
  • Sheila Hancock tells us how she faced down a 2,000ft mountain to tell a story about loneliness, ageing and peak adrenalin in her latest flick, Edie.

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