Wes Anderson’s palace of fantasy…

Issue 1090

Wes Anderson’s palace of fantasy…

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Wes Anderson, with his strange hair and well constructed curious realities, has been building fantastical other worlds for a good number of years. He opens the doors to one of his most ambitious movies yet, the Grand Hotel Budapest, and deals with key questions – including, will he ever get Gene Hackman out of retirement and how pivotal is Bill Murray in getting these things done. At times of flood and storm, Wes’s world is particularly inviting.

Are we all slaves in an age of easy access to digital gambling? Adam Forrest investigates the corrosive rise of Fixed Odd Betting Terminals in bookies and looks too at surging spends on things like online bingo. Should it be seen as fun or damaging? An interesting piece.

And more, of course…

Letter To My Younger Self this week is with Nick Frost. A difficult time early on lead to him running off to Israel before being rescued by his pal and sidekick Simon Pegg. Frost has much to say.

John Bird, meanwhile, considers giant tomatoes. And Bob Dylan. And cats. He also takes us to a 100-year-old uncle. You’ll want to read this.

Rachel Johnson returns as our columnist this week. If you receive an email from Rachel explaining that she has been kidnapped in Mongolia and needs a couple of grand to see her right, IGNORE IT. Rachel deals with spam and our modern means of keeping in touch. (If you haven’t received such an email, you’re not on the list. You’re NOT on Rachel’s list. The shame…)

Rufus Hound features in the coveted My Week spot. He’s an angry comedian, fighting the 5:2, running for election to Europe.

Our featured vendor is Vasile Dimitru from Banbury. He’s working hard to use the job selling the magazine to take him to something else.

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