General Election 2017: what’s your big issue?

Help shape our election coverage by letting us know the most important issues as the parties begin campaigning

It’s official: voters will head to the polls on June 8 to decide on the nation’s next government. Brexit appears destined to dominate most of the discussion, but The Big Issue is keen to help ensure the campaign doesn’t become a constricted, single-issue slog.

We’re keen to hear from readers on a wide range of concerns, ideas and subjects – the matters shaping people’s daily lives.

Jeremy Corbyn has promised a Labour government will boost allowance for carers by 17 per cent – £10 a week – and said the NHS and social care would be at the heart of his campaign. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has hinted Labour would raise income tax for people earning more than £70,000 a year.

Are these the sort of pledges that might persuade you?

Theresa May has not yet signalled which issues will be prioritised in her party’s manifesto

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has promised to fight against a so-called “hard Brexit” that he thinks is “brutal” and “dumb.”

Is Farron’s insistence on single market membership the key question in the weeks and months ahead?

And Prime Minister Theresa May says the country needs a stronger Conservative government to lead negotiations with the EU, but she has not yet signalled which domestic issues will be prioritised in her party’s manifesto.

What about bursting prisons, increased hospital waiting times, the lack of affordable housing and growing rough sleeper numbers?

What about Britain’s strategy toward intervention abroad, or the possibility of new approach to regional development and devolved governments? Do these things deserve greater attention?

Now is you chance to help shape our election coverage – get in touch to tell us your big issues for GE 2017.

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