Almost 600 candidates have signed our Future Generations Pledge

Our campaign is the only thing that the parties agree on! Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and all the other leaders have taken the pledge. See if your local candidates have followed suit before you head out to vote today

Future Generations Bill

Almost 600 political candidates from across all the major parties have backed The Big Issue’s Future Generations Pledge as Britain goes to the polls.

Just under a sixth of the 3,300 candidates up for election today have vowed to consider the impact that their present-day decisions will have on the future, including all major party leaders Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, Adam Price, Nicola Sturgeon and Green figurehead Caroline Lucas.

Our pledge is the only thing that the parties agree on with signatures from across the political spectrum. Members of the Labour, The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the SNP have all taken the pledge alongside a host of Independents as well as representatives of The Brexit Party and even the Yorkshire Party. You can see the full list below.

The last thing we need is the short-termism that has dogged politics for too long and that’s why we asked politicians to sign the pledge before Lord John Bird’s Future Generations Bill is reintroduced to Parliament after the election. We asked politicians to take the following pledge:

“If elected as a Member of Parliament on December 12 2019, I pledge to use my voice, and my vote, to:


Working to prevent problems, including the climate crisis and poverty, from happening instead of dealing in short-term, political emergencies.


Taking their needs into account in new policies, budgets and laws, giving them a seat at the table.


Delivering a new, sustainable vision for the nation that prioritises the environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing of current and future generations.”

If you’re heading out to vote today, take a second to see if your local candidates are on the list below:

Abena Oppong-Asare (Labour) Erith and Thamesmead

Adam Boyden (Lib Dem) Somerton and Frome

Adam Colclough (Green) Stoke-on-Trent Central

Adam Freeman (Labour) South Staffordshire

Adam Price (Plaid Cymru) Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

Ade Aibinu (Conservative) Glasgow North West

Adrian Gee-Turner (Lib Dem) Ashford

Adrian Heald (Labour) Mid Norfolk

Adrian Holmes (Green) Norwich North

Afzal Khan (Labour) Manchester, Gorton

Alan Borgars (Green) Stoke-on-Trent North

Alan Bullion (Lib Dem) Gillingham and Rainham

Alan Francis (Green) Milton Keynes South

Alan Mackenzie (Labour) The Cotswolds

Alec Sandiford (Lib Dem) Stone

Alex Armitage (Green) Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Alex Beverley (Labour) South West Devon

Alex Davies-Jones (Welsh Labour) Pontypridd

Alex Harris (Green) Bridgend

Alex Nettle (Green) Birmingham Ladywood

Alex Sobel (Labour & Co-operative) Leeds North West

Alex White (Lib Dem) North Devon

Alexa Collins (Labour) Beaconsfield

Alexandra Phillips (Green) Brighton Kemptown

Ali Azeem (Conservative) Ilford South

Ali Ross (Green) Penrith and the Border

Alison Willott (Plaid Cymru) Monmouth

Alistair Ford (Green) Newcastle upon Tyne North

Amanda Baker (Green) South Derbyshire

Amelia Womack (Green) Newport West

Amy Callaghan (SNP) East Dunbartonshire

Andi Mohr (Green) Stourbridge

Andrea Cantrill (Green) Wolverhampton North East

Andrea Dexter (Green) Somerton and Frome

Andrew Cooper (Green) Huddersfield

Andrew Garcarz (Brexit Party) Birmingham Ladywood

Andrew George (Lib Dem) St Ives

Andrew Gwynne (Labour) Denton and Reddish

Andrew Johns (Green) Walthamstow

Andrew Parkhurst (Lib Dem) Delyn

Andrew Simpson (Lib Dem) Daventry

Andrew Snedden (Yorkshire) York Central

Andy Bentley (Green) North Swindon

Andy Brown (Green) Skipton and Ripon

Andy Thomas (Labour) Rutland and Melton

Angela Bretherton (Labour & Co-operative) Perth and North Perthshire

Angela Mulholland (Social Democratic & Labour) East Antrim

Angelina Leatherbarrow (Labour) Romford

Angie Smith (Labour) Wealden

Anna Coda (Labour) Hereford and S Herefordshire

Anna Firth (Conservative) Canterbury and Whitstable

Anna Fryer (Lib Dem) Stretford and Urmston

Anna Rouse (Labour) Guildford

Anthony Slaughter (Green) Vale of Glamorgan

April Clark (Green) Tonbridge & Malling

Arnold Warneken (Green) Selby and Ainsty

Ashburn Holder (Lib Dem) Ilford South

Barry Harding-Rathbone (Green) Poole

Barry Holliday (Lib Dem) Nottingham South

Becky Finlayson (Green) Coventry South

Belinda Loveluck-Edwards (Labour) Vale of Glamorgan

Bell Ribeiro-Addy (Labour) Streatham

Bella Sankey (Labour) Arundel and South Downs

Ben Foley (Green) Luton South

Ben Harvey (Green) Thurrock

Benjamin Smith (Green) Runnymede and Weybridge

Beth Jones (Labour) South Norfolk

Beth Waller-Slack (Lib Dem) Blackburn

Bill McComish (Green) Aldridge-Brownhills

Bob Blackman (Conservative) Harrow East

Bob Dhillon (Independent) Warwick and Leamington

Boris Johnson (Conservative) Uxbridge

Brahma Mohanty (Labour) Surreyheath

Brendan D’Cruz (Lib Dem) Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney

Brent Poland (Green) Erewash

Brian Balcombe (Scottish Labour) Banff and Buchan

Brian Bostock (Labour) Mole Valley

Brian McDaid (Labour) Skipton and Ripon

Callum Anderson (Labour) South West Bedfordshire

Carla Denyer (Green) Bristol West

Carlton West (Lib Dem) Washington and Sunderland West

Carol Birch (Green) Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Carol Weaver (Lib Dem) Rutland and Melton

Carolann Davidson (Labour) East Renfrewshire

Caroline Jackson (Green) Lancaster and Fleetwood

Caroline Jones (Lib Dem) Shipley

Caroline Lucas (Green) Brighton, Pavilion

Carralyn Parkes (Labour) South Dorset

Carrie Harper (Plaid Cymru) Wrexham

Cate Cody (Green) Tewkesbury

Catherine Atkinson (Labour) Erewash

Celia Hickson (Green) Shipley

Chantelle Seddon (Lib Dem) Ribble Valley

Charles Dundas (Lib Dem) Livingston

Charlotte Holloway (Labour & Co-operative) Plymouth Moor View

Charlotte Nichols (Labour) Warrington North

Cheryl Pidgeon (Labour) Rushcliffe

Chloe-Jane Ross (Lib Dem) Beckenham

Chris Bain (Labour & Co-operative) Tamworth

Chris Bell (Green) Morley and Outwood

Chris Boyle (Lib Dem) North Tyneside

Chris Brown (Lib Dem) South Norfolk

Chris Copeman (Green) Ellesmere Port And Neston

Chris Lofts (Lib Dem) South Northamptonshire

Chris McFarling (Green) Forest of Dean

Chris Ostrowski (Labour) Watford

Chris Simpson (Green) Ceredigion

Chris Stanbra (Lib Dem) Corby

Christopher Elmore (Labour) Ogmore

Christopher Garghan (Green) Birmingham, Yardley

Christopher Webb (Labour) Blackpool North and Cleveleys

Claire Jackson-Prior (Green) Sutton and Cheam

Claire Malcomson (Lib Dem) Canterbury

Claire McIlvenna (Green) South Staffordshire

Claire Ransom (Labour) Romsey and Southampton North

Claire Wright (Independent) East Devon

Clare Ambrosino (Conservative) Easington

Clare Aspinall (Brexit) Warrington South

Clare Slater (Green) Daventry

Claudia Webbe (Labour) Leicester East

Clive Betts (Labour) Sheffield South East

Clive Johnson (Labour) Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Clive Woodbridge (Independent) Epsom and Ewell

Coby Wing (Green) Saffron Walden

Colin Baldy (Lib Dem) Maldon

Craig Fletcher (Lib Dem) Romsey and Southampton North

Damian Collins (Conservative) Folkestone and Hythe

Damian White (Conservative) Dagenham and Rainham

Dan Greef (Labour) South Cambridgeshire

Daniel Goldsmith (Green) Brentford and Isleworth

Daniel Laycock (Green) Huntingdon

Daniel Norton (Lib Dem) North East Bedfordshire

Daniel Zeichner (Labour) Cambridge

Danielle Rowley(Labour) Midlothian

Danny Keeling (Green) West Ham

Danyaal Raja (Green) Glasgow South

Darren Parkinson (Green) Bradford West

Darren Price (Labour) Staffordshire Moorlands

Darren Woodiwiss (Green) Harborough

Dave McElroy (Green) Reading East

David Burrowes (Conservative) Enfield Southgate

David Crausby (Labour) Bolton North East

David Drew (Labour & Co-operative) Stroud

David Figgins (Green) Bolton South East

David Henwood (Independent) Oxford East

David Kesteven (Green)  Bolsover

David Mawson (Brexit) Darlington

David Morgan (Labour) Buckingham

David Nagle (Labour) Elmet and Rothwell

David Nicholl (Lib Dem) Bromsgrove

David Reynolds (Green) Ilford North

David Sewell (Green) North West Durham

David Williams (Green) Oxford East

David Yellen (Labour) Thirsk and Malton

Debbie Bannigan (Labour) Rugby

Dehenna Davison (Conservative) Bishop Auckland

Delphine Gray-Fisk (Brexit) Slough

Denise Donaldson (Green) South Northamptonshire

Derek Florey (Green) Bracknell

Di Martin (Labour & Co-operative) Forest of Dean

Diane Wood (Green) Yeovil

Dinah Keal (Lib Dem) Thirsk and Malton

Donna Wallace (Green) Aldershot

Donnamarie Higgins (Alliance) Belfast West

Douglas Rouxel (Green) Staffordshire Moorlands

Dylan Harrison (Labour) The Wrekin

Dylan Jones (Labour) Tonbridge and Malling

Ed Carlisle (Green) Leeds Central

Ed Davey (Lib Dem) Kingston and Surbiton

Ed Mayne (Labour) Epsom and Ewell

Elfed Williams (Plaid Cymru) Clwyd West

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (Green) Waveney

Eliza Tyrrell (Green) Gorton

Elizabeth Babade (Brexit Party) Warrington North

Ellie Chowns (Green) North Herefordshire

Ellie Reeves (Labour) Lewisham West and Penge

Emily Blake (Labour) South West Norfolk

Emily West (Green) Rother Valley

Emma Carter (Green) Stafford

Emma Corlett (Labour) North Norfolk

Emma Dawnay (Green) Devizes

Enna Dent Coad (Labour) Kensington

Esther Cropper (Green) Sherwood

Ewan Hoyle (Lib Dem)Glasgow Central

Felicity Owen (Labour) St Austell and Newquay

Fergal McEntee (Green) Putney

Finola ONeill (Labour) North Devon

Fleur Anderson (Labour) Putney

Florence Eshalomi (Labour & Co-operative) Vauxhall

Fran Boait (Labour & Co-operative) Gloucester

Francyne Johnson (Labour) Penistone and Stocksbridge

Frank Adlington-Stringer (Green) North East Derbyshire

Gareth Eales (Labour) Northampton South

Gareth Pearce (Brexit) Cardiff Central

Gareth Willis (Lib Dem) Sevenoaks

Gary Lawson (Green) Denton and Reddish

Gaynor Austin (Labour) East Hampshire

Gemma Bolton (Labour) Mid Sussex

Georgia Taylor (Green) Wealden

Geraldine Coggins (Green) Altrincham and Sale West

Gerry Mitchell (Labour) Woking

Gill Furniss (Labour) Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough

Gill Ogilvie (Labour) Walsall North

Gillian Keegan (Conservative) Chichester

Gordon Birtwistle (Lib Dem) Burnley

Gordon Munro (Labour & Co-operative) Edinburgh North and Leith

Gordon Nardell (Labour) The Cities of London and Westminster

Graham Brady (Conservative) Altrincham and Sale West

Graham Cushway (Brexit Party) Brighton Kemptown

Hannah Temple (Green) Faversham and Mid Kent

Hannah Young (Labour) North Somerset

Haroun Malik (Conservative) Inverclyde

Heather Barrie (Labour) Chichester

Helen Cross (Lib Dem) Brentford and Isleworth

Helen Geake (Green) Bury St Edmunds

Helen Hayes (Labour) Dulwich and West Norwood

Helen Hitchcock (Green) Derby North

Helena Mellish(Green) Stockport

Henry Vann (Lib Dem) Bedford

Holly Kal-Weiss (Labour) Hertsmere

Holly Lynch (Labour) Halifax

Holly Whitbread (Conservative) Kingston upon Hull North

Hugh Alberti (Green) Middlesbrough

Hugo Fearnley (Labour) Scarborough & Whitby

Iain Dickson (Green) Crawley

Iain McGill (Scottish Conservatives) Edinburgh North and Leith

Ian Blackford (SNP) Ross, Skye and Lochaber

Ian Chandler (Green) Monmouth

Ian Flynn (Lib Dem) Dudley North

Ian Middleton (Green) Banbury

Ian Murray (Labour) Edinburgh South

Ian Yuill (Scottish Lib Dem) Aberdeen South

Ibrahim Dogus (Labour) West Bromwich East

Isabel Pires (Green) Beverley and Holderness

Isabel Thurston (Green) Arundel and South Downs

Izzy Knowles (Lib Dem) Birmingham Hall Green

Jack Ferguson (Labour) South Basildon and East Thurrock

Jackie Schneider (Labour) Wimbledon

Jacqueline Bond (Green) Vauxhall

James Airey (Conservative) Westmorland and Lonsdale

James Baker (Conservative) Wallasey

James Baker (Lib Dem) Halifax

James Booth (Green) Macclesfield

James Bull (Labour) SE Cambs

James Hockney (Conservative) Edmonton

James McPhilemy (Scottish Labour) Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East

James Melling (Green) Chorley

James Oates (Scottish Lib Dem) Gordon

James Windridge (Green) Halesowen and Rowley Regis

Jane Keep (Conservative) Feltham and Heston

Jane Leicester(Green) Stretford and Urmston

Javed Bashir (Lib Dem) Calder Valley

Jay Colquhoun (Brexit Party) Kensington

Jay Henderson (Green) Newark

Jeanette Sunderland (Lib Dem) Bradford East

Jennifer Gray (Labour) Walsall North

Jenny Reeves (Labour) Faversham and Mid Kent

Jenny Wilkinson (Lib Dem) Sutton Coldfield

Jeremy Parker (Green) Ealing North

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) Islington North

Jess Phillips (Labour) Birmingham, Yardley

Jill Borcherds (Labour) Stevenage

Jill Perry (Green) Workington

Jim McMahon (Labour) Oldham West and Royton

Jim Norris (Green) Gedling

Jo Baker (Green) Brigg and Goole

Jo Graham (Labour) New Forest West

Jo Paul (Green) Worthing West

Jo Rust (Labour) North West Norfolk

Jo Swinson (Lib Dem) East Dunbartonshire

Jo Watkins (Lib Dem) Islwyn

Joanne Ainscough (Labour) Wyre and Preston North

Joanne Laban (Conservative) Enfield North

Joanne Oldale (Labour) Mid Dorset and North Poole

Joanne Thomas (Labour) Clwyd West

Jodi Shanahan (Green) Cleethorpes

Joe Naitta (Lib Dem) Derby South

Joe Peacock (Green) Birmingham, Selly Oak

John Coyne (Green) Wirral West

John Davis (Green) Wyre Forest

John Erskine (Labour) Ross, Skye and Lochaber

John Leech (Lib Dem) Manchester Withington

John Macefield (Green) Walsall South

Jon Orrell (Green) South Dorset

Jonathan Bartley (Green) Dulwich and West Norwood

Jonathan Elmer (Green) City of Durham

Jonathan Essex (Green) Reigate

Jonathan Kent (Green) Bexhill and Battle

Jonny Roberts (Labour) Wantage

Joseph Wells (Green) Peterborough

Josh Fenton-Glynn (Labour) Calder Valley

Julia Aglionby (Lib Dem) Carlisle

Julia Stephenson (Brexit Party) Dulwich and West Norwood

Julian Burrett (Independent) Forest of Dean

Julian Tisi (Lib Dem) Windsor

Julie Hilling (Labour) Bolton West

Julie Hope (Labour) New Forest East

Kama McKenzie (Labour) Wells

Kamran Hussain (Lib Dem) Leeds North West

Karen Buck (Labour & Co-operative) Westminster North

Karen King (Lib Dem) Redcar

Karen Wheller (Green) Orpington

Kat Boettge (Green) Broxtowe

Kate Chappell (Labour) Lewes

Kate Copeland (Green) Burton

Kate Crossland (Green) Ealing Central and Acton

Kate Needham (Green) Don Valley

Kate Osamor (Labour & Co-operative) Edmonton

Kate Osborne (Labour) Jarrow

Kate Smith (Lib Dem) Amber Valley

Katharine Macy (Lib Dem) Selby and Ainsty

Katherine Barbour (Green) Southampton Test

Kathryn Downs (Green) Warley

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh (Lib Dem) Bracknell

Kay Tart (Labour) Hitchin and Harpenden

Kelley Green (Labour) North East Hertfordshire

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) Bristol East

Kevin Brennan (Labour) Cardiff West

Kevin Hollinrake (Conservative) Thirsk and Malton

Kim Johnson (Labour) Liverpool Riverside

Kirsten Oswald (SNP) East Renfrewshire

Kyle Marsh (Lib Dem) Dartford

Lance Mitchell (Green) North West Hampshire

Laura Davison (Labour) Folkestone and Hythe

Laura McAlpine (Labour) Harlow

Lauren Bennie (Scottish Conservatives) Glasgow North East

Laurie Needham (Green) Charnwood

Leigh Higgins (Conservative) Chesterfield

Leon French (Yorkshire) Doncaster Central

Liam Byrne (Labour) Birmingham, Hodge Hill

Lily Clough (Green) Wallasey

Lisa Cameron (SNP) East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow

Lisa Scott-Conte (Green) Mole Valley

Liz Bell (Labour) North West Hampshire

Liz Jarvis (Lib Dem) Southampton Itchen

Liz Pole (Labour) Tiverton and Honiton

Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru) Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Lizzi Collinge (Labour) Morecambe and Lunesdale

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour and Co-operative) Brighton Kemptown

Louis Stephen (Green) Worcester

Louise Harris (Lib Dem) Filton and Bradley Stoke

Louise Webberley (Labour) Totnes

Loyd Emmerson (Green) Great Grimsby

Luciana Berger (Lib Dem) Finchley and Golders Green

Lucy Bannister (Green) Manchester Withington

Lucy Caldicott (Labour) Dudley South

Luigi Gregori (Lib Dem) North West Hampshire

Lyndsay McAteer (Green) Warrington North

Lynn Denham (Labour) Worcester

Mandy Rossi (Green) Ashford

Marc Tierney (Labour) Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

Maria Carroll (Labour) Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

Marion Turner-Hawes (Green) Wellingborough

Mark Jenkinson (Conservative) Workington

Mark Popple (Labour) South Holland and the Deepings

Mark Redding (Green) West Bromwich East

Mark Sewards (Labour) Harrogate and Knaresborough

Marna Gilligan (Green) Gravesham

Marsha de Cordova (Labour) Battersea

Martha Green (Green) South East Cornwall

Martin Blake (Green) South Holland and the Deepings

Martin Brampton (Green) Thirsk and Malton

Martin Hemingway (Green) Leeds North West

Mary Ion (Green) Bromley and Chislehurst

Mary Wimbury (Labour & Co-operative) Wrexham

Matt Browne (Green) Old Bexley and Sidcup

Matt Buckler (Green) Derbyshire Dales

Matt Bunday (Labour) Meon Valley

Matt Kerr (Labour & Co-operative) Glasgow South West

Matt Sanders (Lib Dem) Hampstead and Kilburn

Matt Stratford (Green) Eltham

Matthew Beaumont (Alliance) Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Matthew Edwards (Green) Bradford South

Matthew Evans (Conservative) Newport West

Matthew Randall (Labour) Fareham

Matthew Snedker (Green) Darlington

Meera Chadha (Lib Dem) Walthamstow

Mel Boyle (Alliance) Mid Ulster

Melanie Wakley (Green) Leicester East

Mhairi Threlfall (Labour) Filton and Bradley Stoke

Michael Cope (Green) Cardiff North

Michael Welton (Green) Preston

Micham Chantkowski (Green) Washington and Sunderland West

Mick Gregg (Green) Bosworth

Mickie Ritchie (Green) Bridgwater and West Somerset

Mike Beckett (Lib Dem) Harwich and North Essex

Mike Davies (Labour) Bath

Mike Harrison (Green) Dudley North

Mike Smith-Clare (Labour) Great Yarmouth

Mike Wood (Conservative) Dudley South

Nabila Ahmed (Labour) Hemel Hempstead

Nadhim Zahawi (Conservative) Stratford-on-Avon

Naomi Long (Alliance) Belfast East

Natalie Carswell (Green) Mid Dorset and North Poole

Natalie Thomas (Green Party) Sheffield Hallam

Navendu Mishra (Labour) Stockport

Neil Gray (SNP) Airdrie and Shotts

Neil Puttick (Labour) Macclesfield

Neva Novaky (Conservative) Garston and Halewood

Nic Dakin (Labour) Scunthorpe

Nicholas Brown (Green) City of Chester

Nicholas Stovold (Conservative) Bethnal Green and Bow

Nicholas Szkiler (Brexit Party) York Central

Nick Bubb (Green) New Forest West

Nick Chisholm (Labour & Co-operative) Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale

Nick Cox (Green) South Leicestershire

Nick Hartley (Green) Newcastle upon Tyne East

Nick Ireland (Lib Dem) South Dorset

Nick Lyle (Green) Fareham

Nick Morphet (Green) Hexham

Nick Stephens (Labour & Co-operative) Solihull

Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) Glasgow Southside

Nigel Adams (Conservative) Selby and Ainsty

Nigel Hennerley (Green) Tatton

Oli Henman (Lib Dem)Lewes

Oliver Durose (Labour) Brentwood and Ongar

Olly Glover (Lib Dem) Tooting

Pat Cleary (Green) Birkenhead

Pat Moloney (Lib Dem) St Helens North

Patrick Cox (Green) Birmingham Hall Green

Patrick Keating (Lib Dem) Weston-super-Mare

Paul Bidwell (Labour) Bracknell

Paul Edgeworth (Lib Dem) Houghton and Sunderland South

Paul Gray (Lib Dem) Havant

Paul Jacobs (Green) Spelthorne

Paul Joyce (Labour) Daventry

Paul Ray (Lib Dem) Lichfield

Paul Sweeney (Labour & Co-operative) Glasgow North East

Paul Turpin (Green) Sheffield Heeley

Paul Williams (Labour) Stockton South

Penny Stables (Green) Elmet and Rothwell

Penny-Anne O’Donnell (Conservative) Hall Green

Perry Peter Smith (Labour) Gainsborough

Pete Lowe (Labour) Stourbridge

Peter Banks (Green) Harwich and North Essex

Peter Caton (Green) Hornchurch and Upminster

Peter Chowney (Labour) Hastings and Rye

Peter Dawe (Brexit Party) Cambridge

Peter Kyle (Labour) Hove and Portslade

Peter Underwood (Green) Croydon South

Peter Varley (Green) Newport East

Phil Neve (Green) North Somerset

Phil Simpson (Green) Birmingham Edgbaston

Philip Randle (Green) East Antrim

Philippa Whitford (SNP) Central Ayrshire

Pippa Heylings (Lib Dem) South East Cambridgeshire

Quinn Daley (Green) Pudsey

Rachael Schneider Ross (Labour) Devizes

Rachel Cabral (Green) Gateshead

Rachel Hartshorne (Green) Leeds North East

Rachel McGann (Lib Dem) Mid Bedfordshire

Ray Georgeson (Lib Dem) Bishop Auckland

Rhian O’Connor (Lib Dem) Greenwich and Woolwich

Rhiannon Meades (Labour) Mid Bedfordshire

Rhys Taylor (Lib Dem) Cardiff North

Richard Benwell (Lib Dem) Wantage

Richard Bradley (Green) Houghton and Sunderland South

Richard Howarth (Green) Kingston upon Hull North

Richard Kemp (Lib Dem) Liverpool Wavertree

Richard McCarthy (Green) Congleton

Richard Phillips (Liberal) Calder Valley

Richard Quigley (Labour) Isle of Wight

Richard Thomson (SNP) Gordon

Rob Logan (Labour) Thornbury and Yate

Robert Lindsay (Green) South Suffolk

Robert Nunney (Green) Wythenshawe and Sale East

Robert O’Carroll (Lib Dem) Runnymede and Weybridge

Robin Lunn (Labour) Wyre Forest

Robin Swann (Ulster Unionist) North Antrim

Rory Shannon (Labour) Bromsgrove

Rosa Bolger (Labour & Co-operative) Witney

Rosamund Knight (Labour) Havant

RoseMary Warrington (Green) Ilford South

Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour) Tooting

Rosie Sourbut (Labour) Oxford West and Abingdon

Ross Houston (Labour) Finchley and Golders Green

Rowan McLaughlin (Green) Redcar

Rushanara Ali (Labour) Bethnal Green and Bow

Ruth Alcroft (Labour) Carlisle

Ruth Johnson (Green) North East Cambridgeshire

Ruth Norbury (Green) Wyre and Preston North

Ryan Houghton (Scottish Conservative) Aberdeen North

Sally Horscroft (Green) Lincoln

Sam Jordan (Labour) Eastleigh

Sam Trask (Conservative) Pontypridd

Samantha Charles (Labour) West Worcestershire

Samuel Sweek (Labour) Huntingdon

Sandra Keen (Labour) Richmond Park

Sarah Croke (Green) Rochdale

Sarah Lewis (Lib Dem) Vauxhall

Sarah Owen (Labour) Luton North

Scott Ainslie (Green) Streatham

Scott Mabbutt (Green) Northampton South

Scott Marmion (Independent) York Outer

Sean Dromgoogle (Labour) Somerton and Frome

Shahab Adris (Green) Leeds East

Sherief Hassan (Green) Mole Valley

Simon Bull (Green) Bournemouth West

Simon Dodd (Lib Dem) Dover

Simon Fell (Conservative) Barrow & Furness

Simon Sprague (Lib Dem) Croydon Central

Simon Tooke (Green) Sleaford & North Hykeham

Simone Reynolds (Lib Dem) Old Bexley and Sidcup

Siobhan Strode (Labour) Torridge and West Devon

Sonya Ward (Labour) Mansfield

Sophie Brown (Green) Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland

Steffan Webb (Plaid Cymru) Cardiff North

Stephen Crabb (Conservative) Preseli Pembrokeshire

Stephen Fulton (Independent) Milton Keynes South

Stephen Gray(Green) Coventry North West

Stephen Howse (Lib Dem) Hexham

Stephen Priestnall (Green) Blaenau Gwent

Steve Masters (Green) Labour

Steven Neville (Green) Epping Forest

Steven Pritchard (Lib Dem) Stoke-on-Trent Central

Stuart Brady (Labour) Loughborough

Stuart Jeffery (Green) Maidstone and The Weald

Sue Aitkenhead (Labour & Co-operative) Poole

Sue Howarth (Green) Mid Worcestershire

Sue MacFarlane (Green) Mid Derbyshire

Taiwo Owatemi (Labour) Coventry North West

Talia Hussain (Green) Islington South and Finsbury

Tay Pitman (Green) Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Ted Thompson (Labour) Dumfries and Galloway

Terri Eynon (Labour) North West Leicestershire

Terry Ledlie (Labour) Yeovil

Terry Savage(Labour) Eddisbury

Thangam Debbonaire (Labour) Bristol West

Thomas Stewart (Green) Berwick upon Tweed

Tim Taylor (Labour) Weston super Mare

Timothy Griffiths (Brexit Party) Warwick and Leamington

Tina McKay (Labour & Co-operative) Colchester

Tom Brake (Lib Dem) Carshalton and Wallington

Tom Corbin (Labour) Salisbury

Tom Crone (Green) Liverpool Riverside

Tom Davies (Labour) Brecon and Radnorshire

Tom Franklin (Green) York Central

Tonia Antoniazzi (Labour) Gower

Tony Firkins (Green) Feltham and Heston

Tracy Brabin (Labour & Co-operative) Batley and Spen

Trish Williams (Labour) Berwick-upon-Tweed

Tristan Koriya (Labour) South Leicestershire

Victoria Collins (Lib Dem) Poole

Victoria Rance (Green) Greenwich and Woolwich)

Te Ata Browne (Green) Crewe and Nantwich

Vikki Slade (Lib Dem) Mid Dorset and North Poole

Vince Maple (Labour) Chatham and Aylesford

Vivien Lichtenstein (Green) Kensington

Vix Lowthion (Green) Isle of Wight

Wendy Chamberlain (Lib Dem) North East Fife

Wendy Haynes (Scottish Labour) North East Fife

Wendy Taylor (Lib Dem) Newcastle East

Wera Hobhouse (Lib Dem) Bath

William Ward (Green) Liverpool West Derby

Wisdom Da Costa (Independent) Windsor

Yasmin Qureshi (Labour) Bolton South East

Yvonne Fovargue (Labour) Makerfield

Zack Polanski (Green) Cities of London and Westminster

Zoe Aspinall (Green) Gosport

Zoe Hatch (Green) Beaconsfield

Zoe Mayou (Labour) Nuneaton

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Sunak calls general election for 4 July: 'It's time to put a limping government out of its misery'
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Sunak calls general election for 4 July: 'It's time to put a limping government out of its misery'

Yes, inflation is falling – but nearly 90% of Brits say cost of living crisis is far from over
inflation/ cost of living/ supermarket queue

Yes, inflation is falling – but nearly 90% of Brits say cost of living crisis is far from over

Tories are gloating that cost of living crisis is over – they're wrong: 'The country is going backwards'
unclaimed benefits/ dwp
Cost of living crisis

Tories are gloating that cost of living crisis is over – they're wrong: 'The country is going backwards'

Gen Z want to buy houses, smoke weed and do crimes, report finds. What does this mean for UK's future?
Generation Z

Gen Z want to buy houses, smoke weed and do crimes, report finds. What does this mean for UK's future?

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Renters pay their landlords' buy-to-let mortgages, so they should get a share of the profits
Renters: A mortgage lender's window advertising buy-to-let products

Renters pay their landlords' buy-to-let mortgages, so they should get a share of the profits

Exclusive: Disabled people are 'set up to fail' by the DWP in target-driven disability benefits system, whistleblowers reveal
Pound coins on a piece of paper with disability living allowancve

Exclusive: Disabled people are 'set up to fail' by the DWP in target-driven disability benefits system, whistleblowers reveal

Cost of living payment 2024: Where to get help now the scheme is over
next dwp cost of living payment 2023

Cost of living payment 2024: Where to get help now the scheme is over

Strike dates 2023: From train drivers to NHS doctors, here are the dates to know

Strike dates 2023: From train drivers to NHS doctors, here are the dates to know