Good people (and good dogs) will help us stay positive

This week, at a time when it might feel like the walls are closing in, we are highlighting good people and good plans

On we go. The age of the blame game is truly swinging! Dig in, daddy-o. We’re going to be here for a while.

It’s the students’ fault! Lock them up. For what? Spreading Covid. Being young. Something… who cares! It’s them.

Actually, it’s your fault. What for? For not following the ever-changing, ever-evolving, increasingly complicated guidance on how to be in the world right now. Get it wrong? You’ll get a fine, loser!

It’s the migrants’ fault. Stick them on an island in the South Atlantic until they can be processed. It’s the only way. Unless there are massive portable wave machines tied to boats to make huge walls of water in the Channel and scare them away.

Actually, it’s the EU’s fault. No, it’s the hauliers. In fact, it’s the metropolitan liberal elite.

Also, it’s your fault if the algorithm calculating the essential Universal Credit you need as you lose your job doesn’t provide what you’re entitled to. It’s everywhere and nowhere, baby! There’s no responsibility. It’s a riot!

People are weary. The long winter is coming and business closures and job losses mount.

At The Big Issue, will will provide platforms. We will be a springboard

The means to stay positive, or to make a positive impact, are not always obvious or close at hand.

At The Big Issue we want to provide some positive impact. Our RORA push is not going away. It’s essential at an essential time. We will keep building to keep people in work and stop homelessness soaring.

But we want to do more now. It’s why this week, at a time when it might feel like the walls are closing in, we are highlighting good people and good plans. And good dogs. It won’t change realities, but at least it’ll illustrate that all realities just now aren’t dark.

Also here we like to take chances to provide chances. This week’s book critic is called Patrick Maxwell. He is 16 years old. Our Books Editor discovered some of his work online and realised he had something about him. And he would do well with the opportunity The Big Issue could provide.

For some of us, it is of course annoying that a 16-year-old could be so talented! Everything changes. At The Big Issue, we will provide platforms, we will be a springboard. If you have something, but don’t have the network, we’re here. This will not stop. As the world changes, we must do it more. We will find a way. We won’t be part of the blame game.

Paul McNamee is editor of The Big Issue