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Armando Iannucci: Why I’m taking over The Big Issue with Tucker v Partridge

Inside Armando Iannucci's Big Issue guest edit: Alan Partridge v Malcolm Tucker, John Oliver on dealing with Donald Trump, Stewart Lee on fatbergs, Susan Calman's Letter To My Younger Self – and more.

Gather round. Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker are BACK to square off in a glorious Brexit grudge match. And the only place you’ll find these two great British treasures going head-to-head is in Monday’s Big Issue, below, guest edited by cultural and comedy behemoth Armando Iannucci.

The Big Issue no 1278: Tucker vs Partridge

Here, the creator of The Thick of It, The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge and Veep – who caused internet raptures when he teased the Tucker v Partridge return earlier this week – explains more…

“I wanted to devote this week’s Big Issue to urging everyone to tear down barriers and prejudices, and engage with people and ideas coming from a point of view different to their own,” Iannucci says. “But then that felt too hopelessly ambition at a time when we just need laughs, so I’ve asked people to be funny as well.

“One of the UK’s greatest comedy exports to America, John Oliver, discusses how he deals with Donald Trump on a weekly basis, the stars of This Country take on fake news, Ian Martin tries to lure you into classical music, Stewart Lee pleads for fatbergs, and Susan Calman tells us why she’s sorry she never embraced disco sooner.

Big Issue editor Paul McNamee and Armando Iannucci
Big Issue editor Paul McNamee and Armando Iannucci

“For proper debate, I’m pleased we’ve persuaded two media heavyweights, Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker, to discuss Brexit to the death.

The Tucker and Partridge piece is something that will live long

“If you like none of these ideas, read my article on what I think of people who disagree with me.”

Big Issue editor Paul McNamee adds: “It has been a thrill to work with Armando Iannucci. He has created so much of the hard-wired comedy capital of Britain over the last generation that it was only ever going to be a special edition. The Tucker and Partridge piece is something that will live long. It is quite something…

“He also has a film out called The Death Of Stalin. He insisted I add this.

“Actually, he didn’t. He’s a gentleman. But I’ve seen it and it’s a great and at times shocking movie. And very funny. So buy The Big Issue and then go and see it.”

Tucker vs Partridge mug

Ever dreamt of sharing a cuppa with Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker? Well, now you can! Sort of. As the two national treasures return in the pages of The Big Issue, we’ve created this exclusive merchandise series to mark their return.

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As Radio Norwich’s favourite DJ might say: Jurassic Park!