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Health check your finances: How to get in shape as we come out of lockdown

A financial health check will help you sort out your money and plan for the future after a tough year – here’s how to get started
Planning for the future is less stress if you give your finances a health check

A health check for your personal finances might seem daunting. Especially after a tough year where everyone’s plans – for work, studies, jobs and family life – were thrown upside down.

That’s why The Big Issue is working with Experian for our Financial Health campaign.

Bringing the best advice for everyone

So our ‘financial health check’ expert tips are for everyone who’s been hit by Covid and lockdown.

And there’s advice for everyone including:

Additionally, we talk to our United For Financial Health partners The Mix – the UK’s online support agency for the under-25s. They share useful tips whether you’re studying, working or looking for a job, and getting ready to plan for the future. Everyone can benefit from taking a financial health check.

Handy video tips to help with your financial health check

And in our handy video Andy from The Mix shares his own experiences and the best tools and advice on budgeting for younger people, who are hardest hit by the pandemic.

Working with Experian’s James Jones here’s our series of short videos with simple, direct advice on getting your finances in order in easy first steps.

Also we have tips to make sure that you’re tapping into all of the support that’s avilable out there for you.

And if you’re on a low income you can boost your chances of getting fairer finance. Here’s how to get better deals everything from mobile phones to white goods to loans.

So browse our full list of videos at The Big Issue’s YouTube channel here. And read our Financial Health features here or for free on The Big Issue App.