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The Body Coach Joe Wicks explains how to live healthily on a limited budget

We chat to the fitness and cookery social media star about his new baby-carrying workout and how a good meal is going to make everything better in your life. Read the full interview only in this week's The Big Issue

Fitness coach Joe Wicks has a new workout buddy. His first child, Indie, was born in July and he has already incorporated her into his fitness regime. “I’ve just been filming three baby-carrying workouts,” he says. “I’m wearing a baby carrier – with a baby, obviously – doing squats and lunges. It’s been a tough morning, I’ll tell you that. It’s not easy. It’s trying to get women who have just had a baby back into fitness.”

The Body Coach, as he is best known to millions of social media followers and disciples who lap up his bestselling cookery books, speaks as fast as he scissor-crunches while preaching the benefits of exercising and eating right. Forget fictional superheroes, Wicks has some top tips to change all of our habits in a way that really could be life-saving.

The Big Issue: Can people live a healthy lifestyle if they have limited time and budget?

Joe Wicks: I believe if you plan your meals and get a bit more organised it can definitely save you money in the long run. Batch cooking – where you prepare your meals in advance – means you can shop a little more economically. Most people forget how much money they spend every day eating out. You might think your food shop is expensive but you can actually save money by cooking at home.

Sometimes convenience food seems like a cheaper option.

You have to invest in your health. Saving money’s great but you could be really unhappy and unhealthy and overweight. Exercise is one thing, it’s free, but
in terms of your energy, your self- confidence, your productivity and your focus, it all comes down to the food you put in your body. A good meal is going to make everything better in your life.

Has Indie made you aware of issues around the cost of baby food?

I haven’t looked yet as she’s still on breast milk, but we’re going to hopefully make our own. In an ideal world, every parent would be like that, but people get busy. I’m sure I’ll end up using some of these puree things. I’m not opposed to it but I’ll try my best to cook at home as much as I can for her.

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